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Intruder alarm systems

European standards: All new installations comply to the current European standards PD6662:2004, prEN 50131-1:2004, DD CLC/TS 50131-7:2003 and SSAIB codes of practice. The equipment we install is of the highest quality, giving you a reliable system for years to come with a 12 month guarantee and a 24 hour emergency telephone helpline

Intruder Alarm Equipment: All Intruder Alarm Systems consist of a Control Panel and keypad to operate the system with detection equipment to detect intruders and signalling devices to alert people if an alarm is activated. Further information can be found on our Product Information Downloads page for Control panels, Detection devices and Signalling options

Control panels: We offer a choice of wired control panels with the option for a wireless detector interface or fully wireless systems where it may be difficult to install cables. All control panels we install are designed for ease of use and have LCD display and back-lit keys. Options are available for GTAG key fobs to operate the system on many control panels

Detection devices: These are used to activate the alarm system, the most common being Passive Infer-Red Movement Detectors. Other devices include door contacts, shock sensors for windows and doors, break glass sensors, personal attack buttons, smoke and heat detectors

Signalling options: Below is a list of the different signal options available from audible only to dual path signalling via an Alarm Receiving Centre with Police response

• Audible only

• Automated dialler or voice communicator

• Digital communicator to Alarm Receiving Centre

• Redcare to Alarm Receiving Centre

• Redcare GSM dual path signalling to Alarm Receiving Centre

• Freecom dual path signalling to Alarm Receiving Centre

• Dualcom GPRS dual path signalling to Alarm Receiving Centre

Telephone line requirements: Most remote signalling option require a standard or broadband telephone line to communicate either as the primary or secondary path, however if there is no telephone line on the premises, Dualcom GPRS and Freecom can signal on the wireless GPRS network only

Police response: As a registered SSAIB installer, we can offer police response for Intruder Alarm Systems with signalling via an Alarm Receiving Centre. The police do not charge for this service but an admin fee is applicable for the issue of a unique reference number

Professional guarding keyholder response: This is available on Alarm Receiving Centre monitored systems

SSAIB certificate: On completion of the system installation, a SSAIB Certificate of Conformity will be issued. This Certificate guarantees your system meets all the current standards and is approved by most insurance companies


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